Mo Chaudry – an incredible story 

Mo Chaudry has many things to thank for his success – inner steel, business nous, unflinching family support. But most of all he can thank the strength of his father Iqbal.

To provide lifelong security for his family, Iqbal signed his allegiance to the Pakistan army. Inside, however, he dreamed of forging his own path. So when a monsoon struck, and his commanding officer’s jeep became stuck, Iqbal, a renowned strongman, seized his chance.

“If you can pull me out,” stated the officer, “name your price and I will reward you with whatever you want.” Having performed the impossible, Iqbal stunned his superior. “I want out the army,” he told him. “I want to go to England and make a fortune.”

In 1969, Mo and the rest of his family followed, arriving at a snowy Heathrow. “I saw these white flashes coming from the sky. I didn’t know what they were. All I remember is a few days before being in beautiful sunshine playing with all my friends and all of a sudden I’m in this alien world.”

Settling in Luton, at first Mo found it tough. As a newcomer, others’ attitude to him was harsh. Eventually, though, he found the key – “If you can communicate you can do anything.”

When Mo’s family moved to Telford, Mo combined studying sports science at Madeley College with a new role working nightclub doors. He turned his back on bouncing to sell insurance door to door, taking a bedsit at a tenner a week, having turned down a job in a London bank.

“It was risk taking. I was prepared to take a chance on myself. Without risk there’s no success. Because I was so motivated I wasn’t prepared to give up.”

After joining a firm of brokers, he went on his own and within five years, aged 30, was a millionaire, living in his dream home in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. “I had this utopia moment. I tripped over on a goldmine and found a way to make my fortune.”

Mo still lives in that house, with wife Ann, the pair having three daughters.

Soon after, Mo opened Waterworld, the biggest and most successful Waterpark in the UK. He would also fashion M Club, a duo of fitness clubs that soon became a byword for quality and detail, run as a social enterprise.

He prides himself on investing in those communities which surround him. Indeed, Mo’s most recent foray has been into the world of strongman. A former Student Olympics medal-winning weightlifter (not to mention talented cricketer, representing Shropshire, and Warwickshire U-19s), and never forgetting his own father’s life-changing skills of strength, Mo has managed ‘The Beast’ Eddie Hall to ultimate success, crowned World’s Strongest Man 2017.

Mo has also appeared on C4’s Secret Millionaire, spending two weeks in a rundown predominantly Asian area of Leeds. The programme’s effect on him was profound. “I lived the life I only knew as a kid but from an adult perspective. It made me realise why I made the mark that I did in my life and why some don’t make the mark, and how they could.”

Mo’s charity work includes a desert bike ride in the Middle East to raise funds for the National Deaf Children’s Society, funding a school in Pakistan, and rowing from London to Paris to raise money for children’s hospice, the Donna Louise.

“Hand on heart, I say every single person is capable of extraordinary deeds. If you’ve got the right attitude, anything is possible in life – if I can do it, anyone can do it.”

The next chapter will soon be written.