Mo Chaudry invited by the PVFC board to present plans to take Port Vale to the Championship

I am pleased to report that at long last that I have today had the opportunity of a preliminary meeting with the Chairman, another Board member and the club lawyer of PVFC. I have been invited to now present my bid in a more detailed format to the Board in the hope and expectation that it will be positively received with a recommendation to the shareholders at an EGM.
I will present my formal proposal in writing to the Board before the close of business on Monday the 20th Dec 2010, in anticipation that the Board will then have considered my proposal, given a positive recommendation and set a date for an EGM by 4th Jan 2011.
At this stage therefore I think it inappropriate to comment any further until the Board have had the time to consider my bid. I have impressed upon the Board the need to expedite due consideration of my proposal. Suffice to say that I remain fully committed to PVFC and move forward with renewed confidence.

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