Time for new ownership, a new manager and a new beginning at Port Vale FC

The loss of Mickey Adams is a huge blow given the success the team has achieved on the field so far this season. The present Board will be looking to appoint a new manager within significant budgetary constraints given the financial limitations of the club at the moment.
My plea to the Board, for the sake of Port Vale Football Club, is to now recommend my bid to the shareholders so that I can begin the rebuilding process with an immediate cash injection making funds available to secure a manager who will continue with the excellent work of Mickey Adams without having those same budgetary constraints.
The magnitude of my bid and the funds i am willing to invest thereafter is such that I will require a controlling interest, as I am not prepared to simply hand my money over to the present Board given their track record. The sooner this situation is resolved for the better the sooner I can assume control and secure the future of the club

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