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Mo Chaudry believes that if he puts his mind to something, he will succeed. In every business enterprise there are obstacles but they are there to be overcome. Mo inspires his audience to feel that they too can make things happen.

Mo Chaudry’s story is one of rags to riches. But without the fairy godmothers – because Mo’s success has been guided by his own philosophy on life, on work and on what makes for success.

Each of Mo’s talks is enriched by stories and reflections from his own experience. From his childhood as an immigrant schoolboy, first steps in financial services, participation in personally challenging adventure trips, to his current business ventures in every experience Mo finds something to spur him on to his next success.

Making things happen’s something to be excited about, something to put your heart and soul into.


Succeeding in Enterprise
Audience: Business Schools, Enterprise Partnerships, etc.

In business and in life you can make or do whatever you put your mind to…it’s just about having the right attitude and the right approach.

Mo Chaudry’s audience will want to go away and put into practice the positive thinking that has made him one of the Midlands top 10 Asian business people.

Mo’s positive attitude in life is his greatest business asset. At sixteen he left school staring failure in the face. He went on to get a university degree and made his first £1m by the time he was thirty.


Financial Services and Property
Audience: Financial Services, Real Estate, Investment, etc.

I look back and I think what audacity I had…You have to have bottle, you have to have belief in yourself.

Mo Chaudry talks about his wide range of experience in financial services and property, his thoughts on working in these fields, his ideas about the role of property investment in urban regeneration, and more…

His positive thinking, reliance on his own judgement and refusal to consider the possibility of failure have made him one of the Midlands top 10 Asian business people.


Tourism – A Route to Regeneration
Audience: Local Authorities, Regeneration and Development bodies, etc.

We’re going to put this place right back on the map where it belongs.

Mo Chaudry’s talk will fire and inspire audiences who face the challenge of creating new life and prosperity in depressed urban environments.

He has a talent for turning negatives into positives, for seeing opportunities, and a track record for supporting regeneration in North Staffordshire.

Destination Staffordshire Ambassador

Mo Chaudry – entrepreneur and successful businessman who achieved fame in the Channel 4 TV series, the Secret Millionaire, is the appointed Ambassador for Staffordshire by Destination Staffordshire.

Destination Staffordshire is a progressive Partnership created to drive visitors to the county’s leisure attractions and places of interest.

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