Succeeding in Enterprise

Audience: Business Schools, Enterprise Partnerships, etc.

Mo Chaudry has some pretty good ideas about the ingredients of success in enterprise. He learned the hard way, accepting setbacks as challenges and using them to overcome obstacles.

Mo began his career in financial services as a canvasser for insurance. When he set up his own business he vowed to make his first million by the time he was 30.

Twenty-five years after he set out in his career Mo’s success in financial services and property has made him one of the top property players in North Staffordshire.

So what are the ingredients of success? In Mo’s book they include:

  • education
  • aspiration
  • focus

  • And the catalyst? Belief in yourself.

    Mo’s philosophy and his account of his own experiences are inspiration and encouragement for those setting out in enterprise and embarking on their own roads to success.

    Mo sees obstacles and setbacks as a way to learn, to progress and to build confidence. Success comes from a willingness to take risks and a positive attitude:

    If you don’t back yourself, no one will.

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