Tourism – A Route to Regeneration

Audience: Local Authorities, Regeneration and Development bodies, etc.

Tourism creates opportunities for local authorities and development bodies who have the challenge of regenerating their area or region.

Mo Chaudry has a hands on perspective on the role of tourism in regeneration, on creating success in a failed environment, and on the complementary roles of the public and private sectors in delivering sustainable and successful regeneration projects.

What part does tourism play in regenerating:

  • local and regional economies and infrastructures
  • the environment
  • the community?

  • What benefits does tourism bring for growth and employment in other sectors? How can heritage and progress team up to deliver renewal?

    Mo Chaudry is a member of the Marketing, Branding and PR Board of the North Staffordshire Regeneration Partnership. The board is a key driver of regeneration in North Staffordshire.

    Regeneration in North Staffordshire

    Mo Chaudry witnessed the decline and decay of Stoke on Trent in the 1980s and 1990s as the coal pits and steel industry closed and the ceramics industry waned. The grim industrial environment is now changing dramatically.

    The landscape, infrastructure and communications links are greatly improved. New forms of employment and business are springing up.

    Mo’s business interests have made him both a player in and a beneficiary of North Staffordshire’s regeneration.

    I always say talk things up. I’m tired of people talking things down.

    Water World

    Mo Chaudry bought the loss making Water World theme park in Stoke on Trent from Rank Leisure in 1999. In one year he had turned it into a profit making business. It is now the UK’s No. 1 indoor water attraction. Water World employs 125 staff, contracts all maintenance to local businesses,
    draws 75-80% of its visitors from outside North Staffordshire.

    Now Mo has plans to put Water World on the national map, create more employment, bring in more customers, and bring more money and revenue into North Staffordshire.

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