Back in business – with smiles, and a really positive vibe

Back in business – with smiles, and a really positive vibe

April 19, 2021: 

Maintaining fitness levels hasn’t always been easy during the isolation of lockdown – so it really is fantastic to see our gyms back in business.

Many of us have been doing everything we can to stay active and motivated since the turn of the year, but it’s not the same without access to professional gym equipment.

So it really is great to be back! Our M Club Spa and Fitness centres in Hanley and Newcastle have certainly hit the ground running, and it’s been fantastic to see such broad smiles on people’s faces.

From the very first lift of a dumbbell, you could see exactly what returning through the doors meant to them; there has been such a positive vibe around the place.

We’re very lucky at M Club as we have spacious, air-conditioned facilities which make it easy to abide by all the latest regulations.

For our new 70,000 sq ft facility at Hanley, it’s effectively been a second launch – because we were only open for a few weeks when the third lockdown stopped us in our tracks.

It means that for many of our members, old and new, this has been their first chance to experience the biggest gym, spa and fitness centre ever to be built in Staffordshire. We’ve had a really busy opening few days, and the feedback couldn’t be better…

Our clubs boast an enormous range of state-of-the-art cardiovascular, resistance and strength equipment, plus free weights and plate-loaded machines.

But for many people, it’s the sense of community – a chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues and rediscover the art of conversation – that is equally important right now, for the sake of our mental wellbeing.

Lockdown has given us all a chance to think outside the box, and pause to reflect on ways in which we could improve systems and processes.

At M Club, that has included the launch of outdoor classes, which have been a massive success.

We’ve already held a range of sessions, including spin classes and low impact aerobics, and the energy and atmosphere has been electric.

I’m sure the option of outdoor classes – during the summer sunshine or under canvas – will continue long after the last remnants of lockdown are lifted.

Our members have also been plunging back into our pools, safe in the knowledge that it is a Covid-safe environment.

Virologists from Imperial College in London say chlorinated swimming pool water can inactivate the virus that causes Covid-19 in just 30 seconds.

They were commissioned to investigate by Swim England and the Water Babies swim school, with support from the Royal Life Saving Society, and say the risk of Covid-19 transmission via swimming pool water is ‘incredibly low’.

Out of the water, technology is playing a vital role at our clubs in helping us to operate in a healthy and socially-distanced way.

Our amazing digital technology allows members to access individualised training programmes whenever they attend the gym, track their progress, and even receive regular reports on how they are performing.

Cardio and resistance machines have digital technology to keep track of all your workouts, and the new machines at M Club Hanley have the latest touchscreen consoles to keep you entertained and engaged.

You’ll also find cross-platform smartphone connectivity with internet browsing, virtual video workouts, TV and radio. You can even catch up on the latest Netflix series while stretching your legs on the treadmill!

We will soon be taking our hi-tech innovation to the next level with the release of the new ‘Track’ app from Pulse Fitness, which will allow you to stay in touch with us, and your fitness goals, any time, anywhere.

Let’s hope that we really are through the worst of this pandemic now, and that things can only keep on getting better from now on.

It’s been tough, but it’s certainly not doom and gloom – my glass is always half-full, and I’ve seen more than enough in the first few days of M Club’s reopening to show me that the future is very bright, and the appetite for exercise in a convivial club setting is as healthy as ever.

Mo Chaudry

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