Inspired by students ‘doing something with their lives’

Inspired by students ‘doing something with their lives’

OCTOBER 24, 2019:  Telford-raised ‘Secret Millionaire’ Mo Chaudry has shared the secrets to his success with school pupils at an awards evening.

Mr Chaudry, who appeared on the Channel 4 programme in 2007, was the special guest at the presentation night at Charlton School in Wellington, where his niece and nephew are former pupils.

He handed out certificates to subject award winners before giving a speech in which he revealed he did not attend school until the age of nine and failed his O Levels, before having a “lightbulb moment” and turning his life around.

Before the presentation, Mr Chaudry said: “I grew up and spent my teenage years here, so I started from the same roots as these pupils. It all started here in Telford in the 70s.

“I hope to inspire the pupils through my story, how despite having no prospects, I managed to turn my life around. I want them to believe in themselves and give themselves a future.

“I am humbled and flattered to be asked to be here. I love to share my experiences. I am an example of a lad with no prospects, the son of an immigrant, and achieved the impossible.

“I was not born with any extraordinary talent. It is possible for all of us. Instead of playing the victim, I chose to become the victor.”

Mr Chaudry was invited to the presentation evening by school principal Andrew McNaughton. Mr McNaughton said: “We try to get all sorts of different people. I read about Mo’s story and I knew him through mutual friends.

“He has an inspirational story, he has been really ambitious with his life, taking risks and setting up his business portfolio. He has had a few knock backs but has persevered and kept going. It is a real story of success in terms of what can be achieved with a bit of hard work.”

In his speech to the award recipients and their teachers and families, Mr Chaudry said there were three elements to achieving your goals – motivation, taking calculated risks, and learning from your setbacks.

He added: “I was asked to come and say a few words to inspire you, but you have inspired me. This room is full of young men and women who are already doing something with their lives.”

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Multi-millionaire business entrepreneur @MoChaudry1 believes he would not have enjoyed such success without his ‘transformational experience’ at Telford College. #Business #Career #TelfordCollege #Entrepreneur
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Following the recent government announcement, we are hugely disappointed that Waterworld is still unable to reopen, unlike many other tourist attractions. We are confused and frustrated by this decision.

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It’s great to see so many news outlets spreading the word of our frustration that we’re unable to reopen at the moment. Fingers crossed we’re not closed for too much longer.

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