Mo invited to speak at school presentation evening

Mo invited to speak at school presentation evening

OCTOBER 15, 2019:  Entrepreneur and former TV ‘Secret Millionaire’ Mo Chaudry will be the keynote speaker at a Telford school’s presentation evening next week.

Mr Chaudry, whose business empire includes Waterworld in Stoke on Trent, will be helping to hand out the awards at Charlton School in Wellington on Thursday, October 24.

Mo, who was raised in Telford, has family connections with the school – his sister and nephew are both former pupils.

“We think Mo’s story will be inspirational to all of the students, parents and staff that are attending our presentation evening,” said Charlton School principal Andrew McNaughton.

“His early life story is representative of many students in Charlton and our local community. Moving to Wellington shortly after arriving in the UK, he grew up in the community our school serves.

“From very humble beginnings and speaking very little English, he worked tirelessly through school, college and university, he took this philosophy of hard work into his early career, quickly establishing himself in the financial advice industry.”

Mr McNaughton added: “Mo has always taken every opportunity to further his business interests, taking calculated risks to expand his business portfolio.  His work ethic and entrepreneurial acumen meant he was always destined for success.

“With success, Mo has kept his roots in mind and has a significant portfolio of philanthropic work, supporting good causes both back in Pakistan and in his local community.”

Mo said: “It is a great honour and privilege to have been invited to a school which has played such a pivotal role in my family’s education.

“I want to emphasise to students that they must always strive to achieve their dreams, and never be distracted from their ambitions by setbacks.

“Everyone has setbacks – it’s what you learn from them for the future that really matters, and makes the difference.”

Mo was also guest speaker at Telford College’s presentation evening earlier this year. He was a student at the college’s former King Street campus during his teenage years.

Charlton School is a member of the Learning Community Trust, which also includes Hadley Learning Community, Ercall Wood Technology College, and Queensway.

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