‘The Beast’ takes gym and pool reopening fight to Westminster

‘The Beast’ takes gym and pool reopening fight to Westminster

JUNE 26, 2020:   World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall has written an open letter to MPs calling for parliament to reverse the ‘nonsensical and unfair’ decision to prevent gyms and pools from opening next weekend.

The letter was supported and shared by more than 70,000 people across his online platforms within a matter of hours.

In his letter, Eddie says millions of British people use visits to their local gym or pool for the sake of their physical and mental health.

“We’re not asking for preferential treatment or favouritism. Just equality. While the vast majority of the UK has now been permitted to release the lockdown, the Government continues to deny gyms and pools the chance to do the same.

“This is the same Government which is quite happy to reopen pubs across England on July 4th, giving people licence to drink themselves into oblivion.

“The message? That it’s far more important to be allowed to drink alcohol to excess, than it is to indulge in exercise which benefits physical and mental health.”

Mo Chaudry, the owner of two major health and fitness brands, and the UK’s most successful indoor tropical water park, Waterworld, is Eddie’s business manager, and welcomed his comments.

“If this situation is allowed to drag on for much longer, it is no exaggeration to say that tens of thousands of jobs will be lost across the leisure, health and fitness industry in the UK.”

In his letter to MPs, Eddie Hall speaks openly and honestly about how exercise helped to drag him back from the depths of depression, when he admitted having suicidal thoughts.

“Exercise and fitness became my passion. My distraction. My drive. My outlet. My reason to carry on. My saviour,” he says.

“Where would I be without all of that? To be honest, I don’t really want to contemplate. So I’m appealing to you all to act now, and right this injustice.

“If it has been accepted that there is a way for pubs to reopen with suitable precautions in place, then indoor gyms and pools can surely do exactly the same?

“In fact, it’s far easier to control social distancing in one of these vast 60,000 sq ft-plus gyms, with modern ventilation systems and a ready-made system for signing in and out, than it is for a traditional town centre pub to keep inebriated people apart in their cramped bars and corridors?

“Health, fitness and exercise saved my life. Please, do the responsible thing and give our gyms and pools a level playing field, so that they can provide the same vital lifeline to others.”

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Still making the headlines - let's hope we get some good news on the #openthegyms campaign soon
@eddiehallWSM https://www.uknewsgroup.co.uk/thousands-back-call-by-the-beast-to-open-gyms-and-pools/

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Multi-millionaire business entrepreneur @MoChaudry1 believes he would not have enjoyed such success without his ‘transformational experience’ at Telford College. #Business #Career #TelfordCollege #Entrepreneur
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Further reasons why gyms and fitness facilities must reopen sooner rather then later. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/how-to-rebuild-your-muscle-strength-at-any-age-7766jx53h

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Following the recent government announcement, we are hugely disappointed that Waterworld is still unable to reopen, unlike many other tourist attractions. We are confused and frustrated by this decision.

To read more please visit our website:

It’s great to see so many news outlets spreading the word of our frustration that we’re unable to reopen at the moment. Fingers crossed we’re not closed for too much longer.





Our CEO Mo is calling for an urgent rethink of the Government's latest lockdown rules - “it's absurd, and grossly unfair, for pubs to be able to open up before gyms and pools. What sort of healthy lifestyle message is this sending out?” https://www.mochaudry.co.uk/news-media/mo-chaudry-slams-ridiculous-new-government-lockdown-rules/

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